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നിശ്ചിത് രാവ് & നിഷ്കല് രാവ്

നിശ്ചിത് രാവ് & നിഷ്കല് രാവ്

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NISHCHITH A RAO (presently Grade XII) & NISHKAL RAO (presently pursuing B.S.), children of Athul Rao & Meera Rao, are the brains behind the development of the fonts.

We are extremely enthusiastic brothers, with proper guidance from researchers, who have constantly worked for over two years, in bringing an extinct script: Tulu, back to digital life from age old manuscripts. Putting in our  fullest  in  constantly  developing  the  font, we  have

come up with about 5 varied styles for the script. It has been our constant motto in getting the script a permanent Unicode structure. We have generously uploaded the fonts on our website for free, and haven't used any ad service to monetize our content.

We would like to humbly thank our revered Veda Guru: Dr. Kadri Prabhakar Adiga for his immeasurable guidance and support. Our effort wouldn't have been possible without the unfathomable assistance from Dr. K.  P. Rao.  Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Ms. Vidyashree, Mr. G. V. S. Ullal, Dr. Guruprasad, and everyone else who have mentored us.

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